Change my topic's thumbnail image

Is there a way to manually set which image in my topic shows up in the artwork gallery and my portfolio? Right now it just uses the first image there.

I’d like to show the latest and greatest images in my WIP threads.

It’s in the FAQ.

Good luck!


Thanks, I knew it was written down somewhere, and I was looking all over for it.

I would have marked the solution sooner, but it didn’t appear immediately on my mobile device, so I wasn’t sure if it was working properly.


Apologies for replying in this thread, but the solution in the FAQ is not working for me.
I’ve tried adding the “thumbnail” tag in the code, but it’s still showing the previous thumbnail. I remember last I edited the thread there was a way to change the thread thumbnail in the UI that it’s not there anymore.

This is the post I’m trying to edit:

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