change one attribute across several materials

Lately I like the look that all of the objects in the scene are made from one homogenous material, similar to the look of claymation. Is there a simple way to set it up so that I can have objects of multiple colors that share every other material property, but at the same time be able to tweak them all at once? Thanks

Edit- a method in either BI or cycles will do

You could write a simple script to assign every object the same material. There may also be a function to separate materials. If you are doing an animation and are going to ne lots of shots you could extend the script. For example:

  1. Set all objects to basic clay material
  2. Make all materials individual again
  3. Automatically use object names to change colours using script

That way you can just update one central material (eg. ‘BaseClay’) and run the script. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid that is a bit over my head. I’ll guess I’ll have to experiment on a small monotone scene and hope that it translates well into a bigger color one.

Oh ok then :slight_smile: blender scripting isn’t too difficult…just find out how to do a line of code and add it in! I could help you with it some time if you like.

Jay the script can be very simple as Sheppy said, see here for an intro…
other way would be using same the material for your objects and uv coords to pick colors from a texture

Whoa damn thanks to both of you, both for the offer and the link. I actually considered hacking the copy attributes addon as well- with all these options something has to work. Thanks again!