Change output filename format for animation

Hey all,

Can I change the format of output frames from name0001.ext to name1.ext? :confused: And would this also change name0010.ext and name0100.ext to name10.ext and name100.ext?

This would be very helpful, thanks. :slight_smile:

You should NOT mess with the four digit part. Blender searches for that in the filename as a clue to the frame number. That being said, you can in some cases (VSE Add->Image) and the files will be brought in alphabetical sort order as sequence of frames, a la batch processing mode.

Ok thanks, I’ll have to try something else.

Another question I forgot: can you start the frames at 0 instead of 1?

Thanks again.

no… why?

Craigy… why would you want the files to be pic1 as opposed to pic0001? Just in case I’m missing something obvious…

Because I am using a program that uses that format to load images.

Ah, fair enough. You might like to try googling for file renamers - there are some very feature-rich ones out there. I used to have a good one installed but my computer went bust. It could do good things like remove padding '0’s after the nth character, like you want.

Ok thanks, I’ll do that.

Also, the program is an example program, so I’ll see if there’s a way to do that internally as well. I just figured that if blender can output in that format, there’s really no reason to change it.

you really do not want to mess with it, because of sort order. img1.ext, img2.ext…img10.ext, img11.ext… etc gets all messed up and out of sequence. We currently have the very issue with img9999.ext, img10000.ext etc.