Change perspective of a video

Dear community, I am fairly new to blender and I have a problem with video editing. I want to record soccer matches using two cameras positioned at the middle line. Each camera covers half of the pitch whereby the middle line shows up in each video. These videos I would like to join at the middle line. This part is working well. The problem is, however, that due to the perspective the sideline in the front and the back are not parallel. So, what I need blender to do is to recalculate each video frame in such a manner that these sidelines are parallel to each other. Do you have any idea how this may be done? There are some professional tools available which, however, I cannot affort :frowning: (
Thank you for support!!

You could map the videos to planes in 3D then distort the mesh or map to a plane track and distort it in the MCE, then use the compositor to render.
But the fastest way would be 3D view with OpenGL output. Otherwise it will take quite a while to render out a whole match.

I see that you’ve asked the same question in a new thread. Generally you should try to keep all your ideas in the same place and it stops people repeating the same thing.

Also you should consider that joining 2 images together horizontally will reduce their size by half. Making distant action hard to see.

Dear 3pointEdit, thx for your reply. You are right that I posted my question at two places. After the first posting my question did not appear so I thought I had some something wrong on the way …
Can you perhaps give me some very basic indications how to put your suggestion in to practice or in which part of the manual I will find such instructions? I changed the view but there seems to be no option to load the video. This appears only possible in the video clip/sequence editor. Also what do you mean by OpenGL output? Sorry I am real beginner.
I am aware that joining two videos makes them smaller.