Change physics engine?


I noticed that there is an option to change physics engine in World Properties > Physics (or there would be, provided there was another physics engine in the BGE).

I would love to be able to switch between Bullet, PhysX, and Havok respectively, just to see how each one works with BGE.

Is there possibility of PhysX or Havok being implemented?

Maybe as an addon, or a separate Blender build?

Just a though, never noticed that drop-down menu before.


It is not possible. Havok and PhysX are not compatible with GPL license.

A little googling returns a lot of open source physic engines, but I’m curious are they all gonna be compatible and usable with bge right off the can?

I honestly don’t care about GPL, as I wouldn’t release a BGE game with them (unless the license gets changed in a future Blender build, which I doubt) I am just curious how well it would work.

bullet has seen many major upgrades the bge does not have included yet,

like solving using openCL on the gpu,

Grand theft auto uses bullet if I am not mistaken.

The physics engine option is a relic from 2.49 where you could use the Sumo engine. However, it was deprecated when I started using Blender, and there has never been another. It was removed in 2.5

Yeah, Grand Theft Auto IV and onward use Bullet (I’ve been with GTA since the 3D era). Shame the new stuff isn’t included.

Ah, that’s a shame. I think it could be useful. Oh well!