Change properties of multiple selected objects

Hopefully this is not a completely moronic question. I have multiple objects selected, and I would like to assign the same properties, for example a common material, to all of them at the same time. When I try to do that now, it just changes the last selected object. I am not a complete noob to Blender, so maybe I just missed a hotkey or option to enable or accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

no can do. u have to go to the mat for each object individually and change it to the shared mat. to make blender do otherwise would be a scary opening for people to make HUGE mistakes really fast. of course, you can write a py script…

Select all objects then Shft-RMB-Select the one with the Material you want to link to all the others (so it’s light pink and the Active Object) then Ctrl-L >> Materials. (fwiw, “Properties” are a GameEngine attribute; see them in the Ctrl-C menu).


Thank you so very much for the help, that is exactly what I needed! Also thanks for clearly defining “Properties”. It looks like I was misusing that word in this context.

i bow to your excellence, Fligh. it’s going in the wiki.

I just logged in to ask someone about buying this guy a cookie, seriously man and just like the guy above…
I bow to your excellence.

There is a new way to do this. It works for numbers, booleans and even enum properties. You need to press Old and change the value. Click here, if you want to see better what I mean