Change Proportional edit influence circle

Can you switch the rate of change or somehow make the influence circle not take such a long time to shrink / grow. I wind up scrolling my mousewheel too long. I must be doing something wrong.

i am not aware of quicker function.

however, the same function you use with mouse wheel up and down can be used with keyboard keys “page up” and “page down”.
if you press and hold, it would be alot easier at great ranges.

did this help?

That does help, thank you.

I still wish there was a way to turn off the proportion scaling and just have it scale linearly, like holding shift or something.

‘o’ turns proportional editing on and off.

Knowing your expertise with the program I am assuming you mean the slowness of the increase seems exponential rather than the linear option in the influence… I usually encounter this effect when I switch the scale at which I am working, and rather than scrolling and scrolling I do a little change and then enter a proportional size in the operator panel, which will stick. Does that help.