Change select / move behavior blender 2.8

Is there a way to change when you select an object it will not move in 2.8. Now if you select and hold the select button the object goes into the move mode.

@SMaples Are you wanting to completely disable the select option or are you wanting it to just return the grabbed/selected object back to its original position vs placing it where you let go of the mouse button? If the latter then you can uncheck the Release Confirms option in preferences under the input section. Then if you select it and it moves it just click again to let go of it and it will return to its original location.

As for the first option that I am not sure of without changing keymaps which can get kind of messy, every since I have been using blender the click and hold has always grabbed the object and moved it.

What do you mean “now”? Tweak has been a thing since… forever. “Now” it’s actually not enabled, unless you choose to use the RMB selection, or explicitly enable the tweak tool.

Thanks for you responses. I just want to select the object without moving the object. It might be my tablet that is causing the problem. Some times it lags behind on button clicks.

I did not know about the click to return the object to its original position. Thanks again.