Change Shadow Color in Blender Cycles mode?

I’m more familiar with Maya but I’ve been trying to learn with blender. I know you can change the shadow color in Blender Render mode but how do you do it in cycles mode? My lighting is the way I want and I don’t want to add extra lights but the shadows are too dark. In Maya I would just adjust the shadow color. Is this not possible in Cycles Render?

Check my created posts and download my Ubershader. You can either use it as is and use the “fake shadow color” option or take a look into the node setup to see how it’s accomplished.

There are two different ways two change the shadows using Cycles. These involve more work to figure out the node setups than simply using the Ubershader.

  1. Edit the material settings

The color of the transparent shader is the color of the shadow.

  1. Compositing and Render passes
    Render you image with a shadow pass:

You can use this pass for further adjustments of the image. This is probably not the best method because you need to build up a complicated node setup. This works only for the whole image.