Change shortcut for axis constraints during transformations

How to change x,y,z shortcuts that i can press during any transformation to constraint transform to only one axis. I found it really annoying reaching the “y” key in the keyboard for it was so far that needs a lot of effort on using it like a million times. I struggled on web/User Prefs. finding solutions but no luck. I know pros here knows and already made some remedy already. How to deal with this Q_Q, I’d like to set it instead of pressing “y” key during transformation, I’d like to change it to “c” key. Thanks a lot in advance mates

oops I’ve found some solution so far, for those who struggled the same as this you could just simply: got to User Preffs> 3D View > 3D View (Global) > Translate > Transform Modal Map > and click “Add New” to add key map item, then set it to “Orientation Y axis” then set your key of choice. cheers!

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Pressing X, Y or Z isn’t the only way to constrain an axis.

You can use the middle mouse button.
For example:
Press “S” to scale, move your mouse in the direction you would like to constrain your axis and press middle mouse button (You can also hold middle mouse button to see what axis it will lock on to)

I have looked all over the forums for a way to change the keymap for constraining the axis from MMB to RMB, and have never found an answer. I can access only the x,y,z hotkeys in the modal map for move, rotate and scale, but after searching through pretty much the entire keymapping prefs, I’m still none the wiser on how to do this for the MMB interactive axis constraint.
Is this possible? Or is it coded in c only, with no python script?
I’ve swapped MMB with RMB in my mouse software, which solves the problem, except I can’t use RMB for all the normal menu functions now, which is just a bit annoying.

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Thanks to both of you for your help.
I found it. It’s called automatic constraint, usually at the bottom of any modal map which uses axis constraint. Not sure how I missed it.
Just discovered this old post and thought it worth answering for any others wondering.