change splash screen

hey i was wondering if there is a way to change the splash screen becouse iv seen so many good entrys in the contest and i would like to see other ones is this possible?

Sure, just recompile Blender after running datatoc on the splash you want to use.


I think this is how:

Download the source code, change the image, re-compile, and viola!

I don’t know how to compile, but then I’m a n00b at stuff like that.

you cant just change the image, like theeth said, you have to run datatoc on your image to convert it to a .C file.

Look at for instructions to compile Blender on different systems:

Change Splash Screen:

In the BF tree, look for a folder called “release” then go to “datafiles” and
there will be a file called datatoc.c. Compile this single file
(e.g. gcc -o datatoc datatoc.c or something like that).

Then run “datatoc splash.jpg” and it will be encoded into a jpg.c file.
Make sure that the file is called splash.jpg when you feed it into datatoc,
or else it won’t compile into blender. Then, drop your new splash.jpg.c
into the blender/source/blender/src folder.