Change texture across multiple blend files

I have just completed a major project for a client… modelling and making a photo realistic video for a new product that will be rolling off their assembly line soon. Now they have decided the final product will be a different color!

The final video has many scenes and is constructed from about a dozen different blend files.
I need to change the product’s base color and a couple of trim materials on all of the .blend files.

If you were working on this project, what would you think would be the best way to globally change several textures on about a dozen different blend files? (I’ll be doing a lot of rendering this weekend!)

Backup my 2d textures files and change the colors in a 2d application. Overwrite the textures with the same name. Same location

I would be sure to save with cryptomatte, material and object id, as well as all the shading render passes.

Backup all your renders. And file. Try it on two easy shot that you ll be able to recreate. If things goes wrong.

To add a little something to Bartek’s video that CarlG posted:

Rendering the UV pass lets you change the texture of objects later in the Compositor, by using the ‘MapUV’ node. It’s a true time saver when dealing with deadlines.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I’m still waiting to get final colors from the client. Plus the deadline to finish the video has been moved back, so I’ve got a lot more time. I’ve got time to play around with a couple ideas. Again, THANKS EVERYONE!!