change texture by clicking

(Yoey) #1

I was here in this forum about six monthes ago asking this question but I soon gave up blender because the features I was told I needed were only available in Publisher 2.25, so now that it’s available, I require some help to get it working.

I don’t know very much about blender so forgive me if this is a really dumb question

What I want to do is just be able to change what texture is displayed by clicking on the object. i.e. every time you click on a car it changes the paint job (texture, not just colour)…

I think i remember being able to change the colour but I forgot how to do it… I think they key to it was in how the actuator was set up…


P.S. if anyone knows some good game blender tutorials… show me the way to them.

(wiensta) #2


this could have been done without publisher,

it could have been done many, many versions ago.

just make a simple logicbrick structure:

(old car) on mouse click >> and >> edit obj/add object (new car)

(wiseman303) #3

Replace mesh would be better than add object.

(Yoey) #4

ok thanks, I’ll fiddle around with that…

I think why someone told me it couldn’t be done was because I had specifically said that I wanted to do it with animated textures, which I don’t think worked in game blender before publisher 2.25