Change the controls

Hey I’m trying to change my controls from one object to another. I’ve seen this done however I can’t remember how. A little more detail I’m trying to shoot an object then change the controls to move the shot object. Kinda like the first Metal gear solid with the missle. Any Ideas?

I’d use a property. Do you mean with Python? You could probably send a message without python, and use a property sensor in combination with a keyboard sensor.

One method would be to setup identical controls on both objects, then set the active one by changing a global (GameLogic) property. This method would require python though.

You’ll probably need to change cameras as well?

You could probably have a property like “CurU” (Current User) or something and make all the Controllers “AND” and see if the property is true.

That is, something like this (on both objects):

Keyboard (W) -----------AND----Motion
Property CurU=TRUE

<All your other motions or whatever you have>

Keyboard (Shift) --------AND----Set CurU to FALSE
Property CurU=TRUE

Keyboard (Shift) --------AND----Set CurU to TRUE
Property CurU=FALSE

Ok I see what you guys mean now. I forgot about the properties :expressionless: However how could i get it to do this automatically?

You could fire a property actuator at the same time you create or send the missile. Of course, with python you could just change the global property that andy83 was talking about. Do global properties go across scenes? First I heard of them. Makes life a lot easier.

Here, i made a little demo file:

Save Target As:


Thank’s Pooba