Change the Empty's look? Bones can do it...

Im working on a new animation and I have some empty hooked to a lattice point. Is there are way for animation reasons I can change the look of the empty? I know for bones you can change the way they look by going into pose mode and filling in the name in the Armature bones field you can fill out the Object box and it resemble any object you have in any layer.
Is there a way you can change a Empty’s look? Cause during animation trying to grab those little arrows is not funnest thing to do.

in buttons panel (f9) you can set properties for empties. there is size and display.
there are couple of different types you can choose.

you can ofcourse also do anykind of mesh you like, make a group out of it, and instead of adding empty, add that group… basicly it is an empty with custom shape… ofcourse it renders, so you have to turn that off in outliner.

as a side note, i don’t usually like animating the little empties itself.
(they don’t show up in action editor nice like bones do)
so i usually set up extra bones, and then parent the empties to those bones.


bonks head Parent a empty to a bone! Why Didn’t I think of that! Thank you for the quick reply Basse. That will also be great for when I animate stuff in pose mode. Thanks once again for opening my eyes