change the game engine relative size

how would i go about doing that ?
i made a scene that was life size but i am having a lot of trouble with the realtime lighting cos of the size of it but it looks just fine if i scale everything down to say with on the grid but then i need to mess with the logic stuff to get the movement right again and then i have a problem with things moving too fast (like it is running at 300fps or something)

so is there any way to make bg think it is scaled down with out changing the obj size and the “relative” speed stuff?

if you dont get what i mean just say so and i will try to explain it better

why not adjust the lights? seems the easier solution. Change the distances and if you use shadows adjust the frustrum sizes and clip ranges

i have tried but i can never get it right then there is the normal map thing how it has very visible rings where the quality changes

you have to do it from the beginning !

so how would i fix the moving too fast thing (like it is running at 300fps)
also i am having a problem with the collusion mesh

In general it is better to start with the knowledge that 1BU is one meter. This means the default cube is 2m x 2m x 2m. A normal sized character should fit into the default box.

Unfortunately a lot of artists start with the default box and create real giants from it. Now in CG everything is relative. In game it is not. The Physics engine (Bullet2) sees 1 BU as 1 meter as well. So if you use it (and most BGE user use the physics engine) you better fit your game world into this dimensions.

This is not a big deal. You can always scale down. But keep in mind in a lot of situation (especially with parenting) it is better to have an object scale of (1,1,1) more better if you have this scale before you parent.

To turn object scale into mesh scale you can apply the scale (with <ctrl+a>/scale).

Unfortunately fixing the scale later, is very boring and time consuming. Therefore you should define your references before you start. Finally it is part of your learning process :wink:

i changed the the measurement from BU to metric
is there any way i can change how big the game engine thinks everything is like changing scale like under where you change the measurement units ? is what am asking

so it just thinks everything has been scaled down (changing the ge relative scale)