change the keyboard shortcuts

Hi all

I’m using the new 2.5 version of blender.

Well, what i need to know is, how to delete the numpad keyboard shortcuts and assign the keys to what I need them to be.
more specifically, I need the (NumPad keys 1-2-3 to be for pan-zoom-rotate.)
Instead using the “ALT, or ALT+SHIFT or ALT+CONTROL” for the navigating in the viewport.
not tapping the 1 2 or 3 key then moving around, I mean hold down the numpad 1 2 or 3 key while moving the mouse, just like the alt shift and control operates.

I’m a lefty…Maybe that’ll explain it.
I can’t use the ALT, CONTROL, or the SHIFT, keys for navigating.

Another thing is-
why isn’t there anything in the viewport or on the interface anywhere that would even insinuate that you can navigate in the veiwport with just a click and drag.
Example would be:
"Cinema 4d’s interface has three small icons sitting in the right hand corner of any viewport,

well if you click and drag any of those, you actually will be able to nav around the viewport with those with out having to use both hands.

I alread posted in the blender forums with no luck of and answer or reply and already searched in these forums for any clue of an answer.

hope someone can help…