Change the origin of several objects

Hi guys, I haven’t looked on the forum if anyone asked this before, but is there a way to change the origin of several objects to it’s geometry center at the same time?? :confused:

I have 8 scenes imported from maya and every single thing comes with the origin at the center of the scene. It’s very time consuming to change the center of every object one at a time… Is possible to select them all and do it just once?

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciatted. Thank’s!!

you need to get the 3d cursor at the place you want the origin to be; select an object, or select some verts, shift s to move the cursor. In object mode, if it won’t appear in edit mode, ctrl+alt+shift c: origin to 3d cursor. You can then select each object and move its origin.

You can set all the objects center in one operation.
Select all the objects and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C / Origin to geometry or use the Origin button at the top of the toolshelf (T). This will position each objects origin in each objects geometric centre.

Cool, never had cause to change origin on more than one object at any one time; useful to know though.

Cool!! It was kind of obvious hehe… It just saved me like two hours of work.

Thank you very much!!