Change the start frame of the camera backgroud movie clip (solved)


I imported a footage as camera background for an animation but can’t edit the position of it in Timeline since the camera properties node is not visible in Shader editor.
Screen attached (not visible on the capture but i precise it’s the Shader editor).

I tried opening a second file and it also happen, I tried hitting “A” and “.” to recenter the node but it do nothing.
Someone know how to get it back ?

Camera Properties in Shader Editor :question: The camera has no shaders. If you wanna compose this into the background you should use the Compositing Editor and not use the camera background image (this is more to see the background while modeling or positioning while posing).


Thanks you! My error about the shader editor is because i oftenly import movie clips as shaders on planes and change their start frame in shader editor. Generated confusion.

Here i needed to change the start frame of my camera movie clip for posing, and I found how to do it :
Go to the movie clip editor ----> Select the clip ----> tap “N” to open footage properties panel ----> change the Start frame.