Change the texture resolution? [python]

How i can change the resolution of a texture? i know python, but I’m related with “bge.logic” and I think changing the resolution of a texture is a thing basic for learn more the python API. Sorry english :smiley:

Specific: change the resolution of the texture like a button of texture quality in games, so, the object have a sensor, for example a message sensor and when the button is pressed send a message, like: textureLow, the sensors is positive and this activate the script, and this script change the resolution of all textures in the object.

Well… maybe replace the mesh with a desired texture resolution mesh – own.replaceMesh(mesh)? I’m also interested to know alternative methods.


I have never used video to texture so I cant really explain but I found a few related stuff here…

The second example shows how you can replace textures from external file.
And there is also a scale function for ImageBuffer. (scroll down)

Again, I have never used it so I don’t know if it will work… you can test it if you want… :slight_smile:

I heard about the video to texture too…but learned that you need to do a bunch of coding just to achieve a tiny little task…not my brand of whisky:D…so i have never tried it. Maybe some veteran folks here know some simple method where rookie like me can understand?

I am going to need a video texture for the opening cutscene of my game,

a ship ageing from brand new, to pitted, dirty and old.

Thanks for the hep everbody, but i not understand much the module, anyone have a sample script of what originally asked? meanwhile, i try to learn more, sorry english :smiley: