change the velocity for adding an object?

I want that my object is created slower because the tap of the mouse always adds two instead one object. I hope you unterstand what i mean


that depends on your logic.
I usually create a sensor object at the point of creation. Only if the sensor object does NOT collide with anything else a new object can be created.

Maybe that helps

Or just use the TAP button on the sensor?

I already tried it but it didn’t help

You need to find the reason for the second add. We can’t tell without more info.
The Edit Actuator does not add objects on deactivation - only on activation.

ok: when i click on an object, it should add an other object, that also can add an object when you click on it. but then the second object also adds an object although it was the first click, so i want that the actuator “edit object” doesnt add an object so fast.

ok that explains.

I assume your logic is like this:

RMK + mouse over -> … -> add

from here you have multiple options.

here is one for all objects that add another one:

  • move all controller to the next state (state 2) just by clicking on the number right to the star (the controller disappear until you switch to this state)

  • switch back to state 0 make it the init state (<ctrl>+LMK on the state in 2.49 / select the state at the second table in 2.5)

  • add a LMK sensor with activated INV -> AND -> state controller “Cpy” state 2 (the one with your logic)


what does it do?

If the mouse is clicked when the object is created the state is one and the object does nothing
If you release the LMK or the LMK was released the object switches to state 2. Here it performs your actions (which is on LMK).

Finally you need to explicit click at the new object to trigger the next add.

I hope you understand this

Oh i see, in which case.
on the added object in the hidden layer, add a delay sensor.
Change the delay value, until it works. ~10 ticks.
It only has to be small to prevent it adding with the same sensor.
Leave the duration at 0

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
yes I understood it

Again, ein dickes fettes Danke!

thanks :slight_smile: but I dont know how to use a delay sensor yet