change to an exact size

Yes im a newbie in using blender. (and a newbie to write english)

I have read like 15 tutorials but I still can’t find that one thing I really want to know.

How can I change (lets say a plane) size to a size I want too. So not scale it a couple of times or 0.1 times etc.

What I mean is too enter the coordinates of a plane (or other mesh). So I can make a door in a wall that is the size of a real one (or a % or scale of a real one)

I want this to know because I want to blender my own designs of buildings.

Didnt find this on this forum…so I hope this is possible. And hope you understand my question (in my English ;))

Hallo and Welcome :smiley:

In Draw Mode select your object and hit N-key. The pop up give you the option to enter Loc Rot and Size manually.
N-Key in IOP window gives the same for placing key frames (ok, no Rot and Scale).

in draw mode…you mean: if i’m pressing tab after i entered a mesh? so is it the opposite of the edit mode?

whell I will try it…


Pink = Cherry mode

Purple = Church mode

Yellow = Chicken mode

KIS = Keep It Satire.


N-KEY in object mode (not editmode) gives loc/rot/size of the selected object. If more than one are selected, the active one (coloured in white rather than pink, also has a pink center dot rather than yellow) is used.

N-KEY in editmode gives loc of the selected vertex. If more than one are selected it’s the last one selected - or maybe the first one - just don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue: . There is an active vertex as well as all the selected verteces, but it isn’t drawn any differently :x .

Ok, ok you’re right.

Edit mode for editting
Object mode for “objecting”. :wink:
Draw mode for drawing; but that’s another app.