Change two letters in a font

Hello there.

Can anyone recommend an open source program for windows (or, for that matter I could use a trial version of some commercial software) to change two letters in a font file?

Try this:

or this:

Be quite careful though, font licences are notoriously difficult and you could land yourself in some very hot water if the font is not free (just because you got it from a free font site, doesn’t mean it really is free.)

Of course. I agree font licenses are very difficult to understand. Some times you can’t know it precisely.

I don´t know what kind of font yogyog wants to customize. I only share links to completely legal tools to create and customize (if license allows it) fonts.

If you just want to use the letters on a texture or something, rather then actually being able to type the letters, you can alway just use a vector program - most of them allow you to turn the letters into outlines, which means it’s a vector shape you can edit.

I would like to create a custom version of the Keep Calm font (I just chose it cos it’s a simple font with circular O’s - I could pick another) and chamge the Y’s for … like a U on an I, like in my logo, and use on my website and in my videos.

Can anyone say which of the 2 linked font editors above is better?

I’ve used fontforge for a number of years, and I’m quite happy with it. Its not for the absolute beginner, though. I haven’t tried the other one.