Change UV Layout Export default

Is there a way to change the default UV layout size from 1024 x 1024?

There is no default setting to change this value when creating a new texture

Oh, I know it’s not in the user settings. But since it would be bad coding to put something like that only in code rather than some sort of text file with one or more preference objects, even if it’s just internally accessed, I’m assuming the developers didn’t do that. I figured there might be a file someone might be able to point me at.

I take that back, it’s not bad coding. But it would be against best practices in a way I’d find surprising in such a collaborative project. It’s not a big deal for something small made by one coder to hard code settings, but it’s at the very least annoying to deal with on a large project using several developers.

Oh, and not creating a new texture. I found a plugin for that, actually. For exporting the UV “layout,” so one can use it as a template in something like Photoshop.