Change vertex selection pivot point (origin)


I´m a Maya user triying to switch to Blender and I get lost sometimes. I´ll like to change a vertex selection´s pivot point´s oritentation and I haven´t found any solution yet. Can anyone help me, please? thank you very much in advance.


Vertex Selection´s pivot point orientation

I’ve never seen such an option in Blender to just simply change pivot’s orientation by rotating it. What you can do is to change “Transform Orientation” from Global to Normal. You can do it either by selecting option right above view screen, where it says “Global”, or you can simply use comma and from the list choose “Normal”. Then you can scale certain part of mesh accordingly to a new pivot’s orientation. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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To add to @Kaixl’s response above, you can also:

  • select an edge or a face and create a custom transform orientation from it using the ‘+’ button in the Transform Orientations dropdown
  • use the Cursor tool from the toolbar, enable Surface Project and set Orientation to Geometry and click a face so that the cursor snaps and orients to that face, then pick ‘Cursor’ as transform orientation

OMG! that was so helpfull! Thank you very much Stan!


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Thank you Kaixl, I didn’t know about the comma shortcut. Really helpfull!

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