Change whole animation

Hi there !

I want to ask if I can change my whole animation, that means if I can add for example some vertices without having to edit every frame ?

Is that possible ? Whould be more easy than editing every frame…

It depends on what kind of animation you’ve made

  • If your animation is driven by an armature you can add some vertices, but you’ll have to assign them to the correct vertexgroup (If you use vertexgroups) .No frame by frame editing needed.
    But this might give unwanted results during the animation in some cases.

  • If your animation is objectbased (scaling, rotating and transforming of objects by IPOs), it’s no problem at all, you can change your objects as you like

  • If you animate using Shapekeys it is possiple to add some vertices as well, but you will get strange results, if not editing each shapekey.


I’m using Keyframe-Animations.

How can I add vertices for all Frames ?

I’m using Keyframe-Animations.

You can Key for example bones or meshes(shapekeys) or objects and more
If you add some vertices to your mesh, this different ways of animating will react differently.

And in general, if you add some vertices on your basemesh, this vertices will stay there for the whole animation, because you added the vertices to a object.
No need for adding them for each frame.

I just wanted to say that some kinds of animation may give strange results.

If you’re just keying the movements of an object, you can change and edit the mesh freely, the object will still move the same way (because only the movement of the object is stored as an IPOcurve)

If you’re keying the movement of bones, which in turn are deforming your mesh again, you can add some vertices as well, but have to make shure the new vertices are driven by the correct bone.
Otherwise your new vertices would stay on the place for the whole animation.

If your keying on the mesh (shapekeys), you can add vertices, but you should then edit the position of your new vertices for each shapekey.Not each frame.

I know this is nearly the same, as I wrote in my earlier post, but I’m not speaking English, so I tried to make the differences more clear this time.

Whenever you add some vertices to an object they will present for the whole animation.
You just have to take care for their movement during the animation in some cases.

You could try to save a copy of your animation file under a new name.
And then just add the vertices to the object you like and check your animation.


But if I import a .md2 a KEY is a FRAME !

And if I change the basis, only the first frame is changed…

So my question is I want to create a model (.md2) which has a some animations,
and then I want to add a helmet (it must be animated too) and if I use a different type of helmet, I must edit each frame for adding horns or something like that.

So how can I do this best ???

P.S. : If I use blender to export the imported .md2 , It doesn’t show any animation…

Another Question, can I insert animations if I use sceletal animations (without copy & aste all other frames) ??