Change x, y, z to arrowkeys?


I’m new to Blender - and left handed :-/

When I draw, it often need to lock the directions to either the x, y or z-axis. For that I use the x, y and z key.

But for me - as a left handed - it would be nice to change this function to the arrow keys.
But I can’t figure out how to do this… is there anyone who knows if it’s possible?

And is it possible to somehow lock the drawing tools, so one allways draw on the axises?


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Well I found out that it did work change the settings for Transform Modal Map.
I just don’t effect the Snap ultilities line plugin.

I thought is was a kind of global setting.


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I want to do the same thing with the built-in addon Snap Utilities Line tool. It looks like it’s the only free 3D mesh line tool in Blender.