Cant say i saw this somewhere but here it is :smiley: , either i try to keep things simple or i am one lazy artist here! just wanted to give a heart -warming effect which i think i achieved though i think after look at this image for sometime it is quite boring :confused: i thought of adding other things but as i said “Too Lazy” also this is a blender render ! but i am surely planning to make a cycle version of this too ! Hope you love it !!

Other thing plz type something there :stuck_out_tongue: because sometime i think my picture is not even worth few comments ? is it?

Not sure where this is supposed to be exactly… a kitchen? It has a soft feeling, though I think the jar and the “change” card take that away… “change” isn’t particularily a cozy feeling so much as it is adventurous, don’t you think? I’m not quite sure about the feeling you are trying to evoke, so not sure how to properly critique it. Though, I suppose that is my critique.

Sry i know , but i guess i have to put more coins in that jar to be noticed? :smiley: beside that i tried making it look like a shop you know? i got that refrigerators in the back and things hung up in front , and basically i dont know it is a right term but we say “change” for loose money , smaller currency… so they have this jar , during shopping they can get coins for change :slight_smile: and yes i know idea is too deep then what i modeled like i said i am lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, that kind of change. That should have been obvious to me. I’m to blame on that one. Some coins in the jar would have sold it, then.

Yea i was planning to put some crumpled money in it but i dont know how to make one xD so i went with coins but then i added physics for more realistic coin fall but my computer got slowed in animation , so i had to do it manually and being lazy i didn’t add many coins :smiley: hehehe well but you can comment on the lightning though not that heart warming but still ? :smiley: