Changeable armor rigging

Hello guys.
I’m actually working on an RPG project and I need some help, advice, tips, anything helpfull actually.

M main problem is rigging the characters so that you could change pieces of armor/clothing. I had though of modelling all the variants, and parenting them to the same armature and making them visible/invisible when needed.
Is this a good idea? Is there a better way to rig and animate this kind of changeable parts?

As aditional info, the characters are bots, so changing a piece means changing the whole part, not just the cover, there is not a body underneath the armor.

Thanks in advance ^^.

I’m not that familure with the game engine… but in blender rigging for animation you can easily do this simply by taking each piece of armour and parenting it to the Armature via the ‘child of’ constraint… I’m not sure if constraints transfer over into game engine or not… but once the constraint is used you have an “influence” andjustment that can be turned on or off or set to .5 (50%) when it’s turned off the armor just can be animated independent of the Armature as if it was not connected at all… (so you character could like ‘drop’ the armor… or pick it up and put it one… using this constriant)