Changeling system for games

Hi Everyone,

Got sick of building, rigging, texturing, animating etc etc characters from scratch every time so decided to build myself a one size fits all “changeling” base mesh. The idea is when I want to make a new character I just do a new texture in gimp and a new shapekey in blender.

I know there are other character systems out there but they either too high poly (daz) or vindictively unfriendly to game output in their licensing restrictions (makehuman). So I’m making my own so I can do what I want how I want =P

Once I’m happy with the characters, I’ll be packaging them in with an RPG kickstart kit I’m building for UDK which I hope to sell for a small amount ($50?) to indies who want to build RPGs but don’t have the skill or time to do all the grunt work.

Anyways, here’s my modelling so far…

And here’s a collage of topology from various features around the mesh:

Actually a shapekey based “make human” kind of a thing right inside blender is really a brilliant idea. Though I wish it could be for free :slight_smile:
But hey, your choice. I might make one of my own sometime.
The character looks great, the topology is great.
I do suggest making more versions, for even lower detail characters…

Hey everyone,

Been doing a bunch of work quietly in the background on texturing for these guys, have some early wip results to show:

flow is good…

Those models are nice to me. maybe if you want to do lots of characters with only one mesh you need more resolution over face or you just think about use a normal map?

I mean with more resolution you can solve some surface deformation within animation rather normal maps??..just thinking…But is amazing the solid construction of those meshes along all surfaces except just a little for faces