Changes in API 2.25


I wrote an export script a few months ago that ran absolutely fine I believe up to 2.23 - now I got 2.25 through the Member program and all of a sudden I get errors all over the shop. I suspect (and vaguely remember reading) the API changed on this version. I also updated my python engine, but assume that bit is backwards compatible…

Question: the python docs available for dl in the members area are up-to-date with the api 2.25, or will I be reading about an “old” version? Also, are there any good tutes/export scripts written for 2.25 so I can re-learn by example?

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I know what you mean, I for one REALLY wish that those responsible for developing Blender’s support for Python would add to the API not rewrite it each time.

I used this fix to make some 223 scripts compatabile with 225

Change instances of BezTriple to BezierPoint
as in

new_bzt= Blender.Ipo.BezierPoint

I know squat about python and I don’t know if this change effects anything other than IPOs. Anyhow I Just started comparing and found that that had changed.

Yes, this is my opinion too!