changes in base file doesn't update in linked files

Hello, good morning.

Don’t write so often but i have a question that bothers me a lot. It’s related to the linking process in blender.

Let me explain the problem with two bones. I create to bones in my base scene. The bones are disconnected, nothing fancy. I select the armature and create a group. Then I open a new scene and link the group lets call “bones”.

Perfect no issue there. But lets suppose i return to my base file, I create a constrain (Child of) for example. Now Bone A have a constrain for bone B be its parent. Simple, no problem, works well.

Lets return to the scene that i created where I link this group of bones, nothing happens, doesn’t update. The constrain don’t appear between the two bones. If I return to my base file the constrain is there.

What I miss? Is not possible to update constrains?

The same happens when I create a custom property.

Thanks friends for any help…