Changes in Edit mode are not applied in Object Mode

Hey, so I rigged and animated a character but I am trying to add pupils to his eyes. I am adding two small spheres in edit mode, however when I go back to object mode nothing has happened how can I make this extra geometry show up?

I have assigned this extra geometry already to the head bone and along with the whole of the head and it still does not show up. Help?

No blend file to check out ?

For some reason, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to attach a blend file to this thread, I’ve done it before but it just recopies the blend file to my downloads folder over and over every time I try to upload it.

Finally got it to work

When I follow the link I get a warning but I proceeded anyway and it led me to the blend file so it’s fine

Make it HappyBrow - 1 and you’ll see it. Not the best idea add geometry after using shape keys.

Okay, it’s shown up now. How do I permenatnley apply a shape key to my mesh?

If i’m not mistaken - redo shape keys or make separate objects.

I think the correct way to do this is to create the two pupil spheres AS SEPARATE OBJECTS of their own, i.e. please don’t duplicate one to make the other! and definitely don’t add them in the edit mode of the traveler!

Put them in position. Then select both, and the traveler mesh, IN THAT ORDER, so the traveler is the active object, and then pick JOIN from the object menu. Now the pupil meshes will be part of every shapekey that ‘Traveler’ has, and you can edit each shapekey to make them expand or contract for example without having them disappear.

Just delete the extra shapekey ‘Happybrow 1?’ with the spheres that you created earlier in this thread, or better still go back to a version of this file before you created that. That was a mistake that may work but not the right way to go about doing it, as Eppo said not a good idea to add geometry to a shapekey. Every shapekey has to have a location for every vertex, and doing it in any way other than I have just described causes problems.