Changing a Cameras FOV ingame

How can i change a cameras FOV ingame? Cyborg_AR told me i could do this Via IPO, but he signed off before giving me more description. Can i do it via IPO? or do i use Python? ETC

Go into camera->edit mode. There’s a scroll bar labeled ‘Lens:’ with a number after it. The higher the number, the greater the zoom.

In order to change it in-game, you can use IPOs just like normal animations. Change the value to the one you want, change the Current Frame value to what you want, place your mouse cursor over the Buttons Window and press i. Then select lens from the menu.

what kind of curve do i record after pressing i?

Lens ipo.

press “i” over the editing window.

ah ok i was in OBJECT mode not CAMERA (for IPO)