Changing a mesh....

How do you animate an object so that it changes its appearance rather than its translation, size, or rotation? For example, I want a cube to be normal in frame 1 but by frame 10 I’d like for one of its vertices to be grabbed and stretched so the cube takes on more of a triangle-ish strange shape and animates as being warped in such a way.

Shape Keys :


Thanks, Mike… that helped me a little bit but I still can’t get it right. And now the default settings have changed and it won’t let me set a keyframe anymore so it’s all funky. How do you return Blender to its factory settings?

Nevermind, I got that taken care of with some exploring, but how do you edit the curvature of an IPO curve relating to any particular shape key?

You can edit the Shape IPO key curve in IPO editor, but that will only alter the magnitude of the shape over time. All of the individual vertices do not have their own individual shape curves, it would be a nightmare in the IPO editor :).