Changing all materials by name at once

Hello blender users! I work with archiviz, mostly importing 3d models from a fbx or a skp file.
In 90% of the cases the material are the same, with the same name: white plaster wall, glass, porcelain, marble, aluminiun, chrome metal, etc…
I already have a material library for cycles and eevee, but I need to append it, ctrl+c the nodes, open the imported materials, select everything, delete and ctrl+v my nodes. Since most objects have multiple materials, I can’t simply select by material and link them.
Does anyone have a clue to import all materials and change the existing ones automatically? has a “replace material” option … (space - type “replace material”) … not fully automatic, but will save you a fair bit of time… it also has options to spot if materials are called the same name with .001 , .002 , .003 etc after them, and replace them with one material.

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Thank you, I’ll try it! I believe it will save me some time!