Changing alpha with sliders - need help

im attempting to create a realtime vizualisation of a mouse brain for a project im working on. basically id like to be able to rotate the model and fade each part in and out with a series of sliders at the bottom of the screen. the movement/rotation part is easy, but i need help with creating the sliders and having them affect the alpha of the material of each piece.
i have next to no knowledge of python programming so any pointers or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Well, its not too hard, I whipped up this file in about 15 minutes, don’t get scared when you see all the logic bricks, it’s not as hard as it looks!

Just pick through it, and get a basic understanding. If you have any questions about it send me a pm :wink:

awesome! just what i need, thanks a ton! works great!

Nice one facemania!!
Thank you.

Depending on the amount of vertices of your brain (cough:D) model it might be more effective to use a GLSL shader solution.

Like here:
Klick on:
Upper Left side- request download link and on the next page
Upper Right side - download
About 1.5 MB Blend
Start with P, change transparency with mouse wheel.

You can use the shader freely, for the example geometry,
you need to ask the respective creator, see credits. For
screenshot see this thread: