Changing animation to slow motion


I am having a problem. I have set up an animation, which will last 100frames (so 4s), I want to change it now that the animation takes 16s.

I changed the Time Remapping: Old 100, New 400.

The problem is now some part of the animation are not changed or act strange.
I am using some particles and after changing time remapping the don’t act like before.
Also one object is following a path, therefore I used an IPO-Curve for the Evaluation Time of the path. And after changing the remapping value the animation of this object is also not correct …

So is there another way of changing the animation to “slow motion”?

Hope somebody has an idea…

Thanks in advance
Greetings dechgo

Can you just go into the dopesheet, select all the frames, and scale it up? May be an ugly solution but it may work…

Hi Jay,

thanks for your help this might work.
But after trying different methods for hours something interesting happened.
First after changing the remapping value to 400 and start the simulation the particles acted crazy. But than I changed it back to 100 and started the animation again, everything was normal. Than I changed remapping back to 400 and suddenly the particles acted correct.

And for changing the evaluation time that it works with remapping 400, I found out that you have to divide the frames in path animation for the curve by the factor you changed the remapping value.
So in my case the frame value in the path animation was at 100, I changed the remapping value with the factor 4. So I had to divide 100/4 and insert 25 in the frame field…

But thanks for your help.
The dope shield function might be useful if there are more than a few animation that aren’t work correctly after changing the remapping value

Greetings dechgo