Changing Blender defaults

I’m pretty sure it’s somehow possible to change the default settings in Blender (and I do not refer to the default scene but to the default checkbox positions and default values) but I can’t find any information about this.

For example, it would make a lot of sense to me to change the “receive transparent” option on for every material by default, since otherwise you need to always remember to turn it on on every single material when you are using alpha transparency. 99% of the cases I want the material to be able to receive transparent shadows.

Why do I believe it’s should actually be possible to do? Well in the documentation there are always the default values listed for parameters, like for example here:

This makes me hopefull that those defaults can be modified by users, but how is this done?

Open a new default file, navigate to the material assigned to the cube, check the apropriate box and then revert back to the default button window, then press ctrl-U to save as default.

It doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason. These are the steps I took:

  1. Load default scene
  2. Add a new material to the cube and change settings to receive transparent. Press CTRL+U
  3. Add a new texture to the material, change it to image/movie, change mapping to UV. Press CTRL+U.
  4. Create a new object. Give it a new material. The settings for the new material are NOT what I just saved, but the very default values that Blender always gives me. For example receive transparent is not on and the texture type is not image/movie.

I’m looking to change those defaults, but nothing seems to get me there :frowning:

I see your problem, and it’s one I would really like to know the answer to. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. Good luck finding one though!


This is a bit convoluted, but no you cannot set the default “new” material/texture with the checked properties you want as the default/generic properties . Every time you add a “new” material you will get the default settings without the properties checked as you want .

But you can add a “default” material/texture with those characteristics by checking the the properties/color/mapping options you want and then saving as default with Ctrl-U etc. The material you created will now always open as your default …

But this doesn’t work when you hit “new” with a new object … so don’t hit “new”, hit the material icon next to the “new” button . This will bring up a drop down menu with all available material data available . Just select the the material you created with your default settings and all your preferences will load with that material .

It would help if you renamed your default material something other then the generic “material” name, though if you leave it as “material” and hit the “new” button by accident your new material will be named “material.001” so will know you have added the default template without your preferences …

I realize this may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but not being able to change the default generic new “material” values makes sense especially when you start working with complex scenes with multiple materials or start working with material libraries that you link/append to . It doesn’t help that the “new” button is so prominent I guess …

But this means that you can have several "default’ materials you find useful load with your new blend file if you want . Just remember to hit hit the “F” button before you unlink the material with your object before you set as default with Ctrl-U to have them load as default data .

You just have to get used to the rather flexible and open data structure Blender uses . For example, instead of adding a new object in Object Mode and then adding a new material, you could instead tab into Edit Mode for your object, delete the existing geometry (data) and add new geometry instead, keeping your material data unchanged etc.

Thank you for your replys, they have been helpfull.

But I still have to wonder: somewhere buried inside the Blender code there needs to be a setting that says “uncheck receive transparent by default” and “use clouds as the default texture type”. I’m only familiar with html “coding” but in html you define default values for drop-down menus. I’m sure this is written somewhere in Blender code too. I’m looking for someone to tell me where to search and maybe I can modify the source code in order to change the defaults to something more suitable for my current workflow… If it’s not too difficult…