Changing cameras?

Is there anyway to change camera is active during an animation?

I guess not , i think the best way to do that is by keying the camera like in this example :

download and see the blend file ;D

There’s a script called CameraChanger in the AnimationScriptsSection, which generates a scriptlink to change Cameras during Animation by Name.

I’ve never used it, so I can’t tell how it works.


Just setup all the cameras the way you want. Then, when you are ready to render, create a new camera and keyframe it to the locations/rotation of all the fixed cameras. I believe that is all the Camera Script did.

Yep…and it was pretty easy once you knew how. Maybe check out this old thread and see if it still works.

You can try to only use one camera. (it IS possible)

Set keyframes for each shot position…
then its ipo curves to constant.

It should then snap between positions without translating.


I am using 3 Camera for one scene. Camra changes according to frame No.

import Blender
from Blender import Camera, Object, Scene
from Blender import *


cframe= currentUserFrame = cur.getRenderingContext().currentFrame()
if cframe<801: cur.setCurrentCamera(cam0)
if cframe in range(801,901): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam1)
if cframe in range(901,1121): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam2)
if cframe in range(1121,1301): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam0)
if cframe in range(1301,1401): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam1)
if cframe in range(1401,1501): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam0)
if cframe in range(1501,1555): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam1)
if cframe in range(1555,1851): cur.setCurrentCamera(cam0)

Use this Python Script.
in the option change_frame

Whereas I use the Sequence Editor (or … uhh… Final Cut Pro) to assemble the finished animation from separately-rendered pieces.

Even though everything comes-together “right on cue” as a finished whole, the “whole” thing is made up of separately rendered, composited parts which are used to build the strips that make up the final show. At no point does “what is coming out of a particular render” look like what will finally show up on the screen.

So I’ve got no need to change cameras. I might well shoot a particular scene from three cameras, but after running out pre-viz versions of each “strip” I’m going to mark the timeline, hi-res-render exactly the material that I need, and cut it together. The change “occurs,” but it happens in the editing-room and not before.

Nice little script kkrawal.:yes: