Changing Color Looks Awful...

So I got this spaceship…and the textures for it are white, and I want it to be a different color, say, yellow.

Since I don’t want a completely solid yellow ship, I need to use a colorramp to control which parts of the ship become yellow, which are not so yellow, and where the rust/grime on the original textures stay showing through. I don’t know if I’m doing this wrong, but it looks horrible.

Let me show my node setup.

Specular map controlling the diffuse/glossy of the regular texture. There’s a lightmap at the bottom because parts of the ship are lights, and that map/rgb curves/emission controls the brightness, location, and color of the lights.

That color ramp up there is my attempt at making the ship yellow, but it looks awful, here’s a before/after.

And the only place I can put the color ramp is between the diffuse map and the glossy/diffuse nodes.
And here’s what it looks like.

Horribly ugly (ignore the fact that it’s covered over the red/white tape, working on a workaround for that, tips also appreciated).

I’m not sure if I’ve just balanced the colorramp wrong, and I need to log some grunt hours tweaking it, or perhaps there’s a better way. But if the gruntwork is necessary, tell me up front :wink:

You probably want to use a color mix node to mix a yellow color according to a mask derived from either a texture or from information extracted from an existing one (using the separate RGB node or the separate HSV node can potentially help with that).

A color-ramp basically creates a map based on the brightness values of each pixel, so that’s why a lot of those details are covered up.

Ah, thank you Ace Dragon, I thought color ramps worked a bit differently from that, I’ll definitely give that method a try.