changing colors in bge

I know that changing colors is possible in bge, I’ve seen it, but I don’t know how to do such a thing. Would anybody here know how this can be achieved? Is there a way to do this with scripting? or is there a way to do this with IPO/F-Curves?
Also, is there a way to change the textures of an object?

  1. You can change color via F-Curves, yes. Animate the diffuse color picker box in the Material tab - if the effect doesn’t seem to work, ensure Object Color is checked in the Material panel and that you animated the Alpha slider, as well (it might not work otherwise).

  2. You can also change the object’s final color via the object’s color property.

  3. You can change the textures of an object using the bge.texture Python module. That is currently the only way, outside of making separate meshes and selecting them.

Thanks. How would one use the bge.texture module method?