Changing colour for particles in 2.5

I tried to load a particle emitter from 2.49 to 2.53. It emits sparkles that individually go from white to yellow then red throughout their life. The halo colours are changing over the frames 0 to 100 with keyframes. It works perfectly in 2.49.
When I load it in 2.5, all the particles change colours altogether from frame 0 to 100 then nothing, I mean they are all white in the beginning, than all yellow, then all red…then all black !

What is changed in 2.5 ? How can I achieve what I want ? Has that 100 frames material for halo disappeared ?

Many thanks in advance

The animation system is not 100% compatible from 2.49 to 2.5 so you may have to re-animate it in 2.5

Yes, thank you very much, but how can I edit the particles material over their life time in 2.53 ?
I spent the whole afternoon searching all the forums, in vain…

Thanks in advance for giving me clues !

You can’t do it in 2.5 at the moment. It is on the todo list I think.

A pity ! Thank you for your care !