Changing default "DefaultResolU" and texture space size

I’m fairly new to Blender. I’ve got the basics down, but I’ve been having trouble with some curves. I want to set the bezier curve resolution to 1 on all the curves I’m importing, but they are all automatically set to 12. Is there a way to change the default DefaultResolU so that all curves show up with resolution=1? Or a way to set all of them to 1 at once, or do I have to select each curve individually and set the resolution to 1?

I’m also having a similar problem with the texture space. I have curves of many sizes, and I need to get the texture space on all of them to be equal size, so that the texture I apply is always the same size, regardless of the size of the object it’s being applied to. So far, I’ve had to go into each object individually and manually resize the texture space with ‘T’ -> size -> ‘X’ and ‘T’ -> size -> ‘Y’ which gets to be tedious, when all I want is for all the texture spaces to all be the same size. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

Ctrl-C >> Curve Resolution and Texture Space will copy the settings of all selected Objects to that of the Active (Last selected).


Wow, that’s GREAT! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Now the only thing I’m unable to copy over (and I don’t understand why it doesn’t copy with “Bevel Settings”) is the “Back”, “Front”, “3D” buttons in the Bevel Settings. Seems to me that those should be included in Bevel Settings if they are not included as something else. I couldn’t figure out how to copy those. Oh well.

Oh. I guess I also can’t figure out how to copy the material :confused:. Is there a way to set the material of many objects at once, or copy the material to all selected objects?

I have found that Vaclav Chaloupka’s Material works great for assigning materials all at once in case anybody is looking to assign a material to multiple objects. I still haven’t found a way to assign “Back” and “Front” to multiple curves at the same time.