Changing default Grease Pencil colour


I would like to know if it’s possible to set a default colour for the Grease Pencil tool (default is black) inside User Preferences.
I always have to change it manually, usually it is tedious because if you delete the layer new ones are also created with that default colour which forces me again to change it manually.

Thanks in advance.

You would have to set it on by default, use it once, and change it after erasing, and maybe then you could save your default so it would be available in that color

I’ve just committed such a feature (r. 61159)

It’s been something on my todo for a while :slight_smile:

Very cool, Aligorith, much thanks!

Thanks a lot mate, I can’t wait to use it :yes:

I have just tried the last build and I totally love it.

Thank you!!!