Changing Default Rigify values (Pole Parent)

So I’ve been using rigify and every time I generate or regenerate a rig the custom values reset, and the process of changing the custom values every time was getting tedious especially when a rig has a lot of limbs. I’ve dug into the python and found ways to set the default pole vector to true and IK stretch to 0 but I’m having difficulty finding a way to set the pole_parent I want the pole to parent to the foot IK

If anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate the help.

By default all settings are reset, unfortunately… There is a proposed patch which would fix this issue partly

But there are workarounds you could use.

One way to achieve this is to create a simple script. If you have basic knowledge about python in Blender it should be easy.
If you just open an Info window and start changing the settings the python commands will be displayed for you. You can then copy and paste them in a text file. That will allow you to set up your generated rig with your custom settings by just running the script.

Another way which is probably even simpler. Generate your rig and add a keyframe at frame 0 for each parameter that you change. When you re-generate, all you’ll have to do is apply the Action with your keyframed properties.

Hope that gives you some ideas :slight_smile:

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