Changing .exe icons?

Hey everyone, do any of you know how to change the icons on the .exe files that blender makes - as nice as the default blender icon is I want the one that i made for my game :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if this will help you but there are many resources available to do that. However, I haven’t found any that are open source. A lot of them do let you have a trial period, but they usually leave some sort of watermark. Also, I’m not sure that the new icon stays with .exe when you transfer it to another PC.

Anyway, interesting topic. I need more information about this as well. :yes:

ive done this woth other programs so i think the same logic is implied. first make your icon in a program that lets you set a trancparency (if you dont have a transparent background windows xp will make behind it a black box). then make a picture with 32x32 dimensons, u may be able to use 64x64 but i wouldn’t recomend it because when it shows the icon it will be compressed back to 32x32 cause huge distortion in your icon. after you make your icon make the background transparent and save it as a .ico. after that right click on the program and go to properties=>shortcut=>change icon=>brows. im sure u can handle the rest

Your method only works with shortcuts (at least on my pc), but i need to change the icon of the actuall program.

sorry the world of windows has changed alot since 98 but i reaserched s program off yahoo answers for you that might do the trick.(i cant test it for you for i dont have a pc at my disposal right now sorry) but heres the link

ok, thanks - i’ll try it

it’s working for me with “ressource hacker”

I’ve tried resorce hacker, it changed the file but it corrupted the exe file… I’ll have another try

I’ve had that problem with resource hacker – at least I’m pretty sure it was resource hacker. When I got that fixed or figured out, I then had other issues. Finally, I gave up as it wasn’t that important to me at the time.

If you find a method/program that works, please share.
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Thank you so much PlantPerson! I got it to work and it’s much less painless to use than resource hacker. Still, rather tricky to figure out.

Thanks heaps PlantPerson :slight_smile:

Since we are on this topic anyone knows how to make blendwin ( module to work with version 2.44 or higher?
It works with 2.43 but not with 2.44

Or maybe there is another way of hiding the command window in another way?


does blendWin module prints any kind of error? Do you have actual version of module? File blendWin.pyd is for Python 2.5.x


Ok,i got it to work…i hust added the PYD into python and now it works…
BTW if i make it a runtime would another user need python installed to make the hide of the command window work?

thank`s for the info ashsid

Well…thats the asks me for a module…it says “No module named blendwin”

what am i doing wrong?
In 2.43 i had a blendwin.dll in the blenderroot and worked fine
but when i switched to 2.44 it gives me that error “No module named blendwin”

where do i get the dll version for 2.44? :slight_smile:

BTW,i have python 2.5 installed


Python 2.5 doesn’t support .dll extension, just .pyd. For runtime it should be suitable to store blenwin.pyd in folder, where runtime is saved.