Changing fruit size and rotation in a splash simulation problem.

I’m doing a tutorial here: Because the fruit is covered with bubbles, he says to make the fruit a little bigger after baking the fluid. He seems to do this in solid mode and can fine tune the size of the fruit in real time. I had to make the fruit bigger by only selecting the fruit layer or going into wire frame mode and guessing (trial and error) about the size of the fruit. How does he see through the water in solid mode to make refined changes in the fruit size?

Also, when I try to rotate the grapefruit and re-render, it rotates back to its original rotation. In the tutorial, he doesn’t rotate any of the fruit after baking the fluid, but since you can change the size of the fruit why can’t you rotate the fruit?

my solid mode with render:

From the tutorial:
He seems to penetrate the fluid in solid mode to see the re-sizing of the fruit in real time.

When I rotate the grapefruit, to rotates back facing the wrong way when I render. (I have a texture image of a grapefruit on the part I want to be visible).

My blend file:

it’s because the grapefruit has a keyframe for rotation. probably more than one. however, if you rotate your grapefruit in edit mode, instead of object mode, it should work correctly.

Okay thanks.