Changing game quality with python in UPBGE 0.3

So, setMaterialMode and setGLSLSetting are both depreciated, and no longer used. What should I use to change game quality in Python?

One idea is to disable the main draw loop, use render to texture on a small buffer, and then use a 2d filter to fill the screen buffer with it / upscale it, (without Fsr or dlss for now)

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I think you can use bpy.
I could be wrong…

This can all be dynamically enabled or disabled using Python. A combination of BGE & BPY.
BGE only has working API for “Lights” & “Shadows” I think, and the rest would need to be done with BPY.

Are you sure you want to go about making a game quality manager such as this?

Well yes, it would lead to better performance.