Changing hotkeys doesn't work?

I’m exploring Blender and I wanted to change the hotkey of the Eyedropper tool from I (using Industry Compatible) to C, but when I change it in the keymap it doesn’t actually change anything. I press Save Preferences, but even if it says C in all the Eyedropper shortcuts I still have to press I to use it. Same goes for any other key I assign it to.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

C is also mapped to something else. Circle select for example.
Assigning hotkeys can be a bit annoying because Blender does not tell you if you have assigned it to multiple things.

You can check this though. In the keymap editor there is a drop down where you can switch from “name” to “key-binding”.
If you then enter “c” in the search you will see what “c” is assigned to.

Depending on the context “c” might be different things. In some cases it is circle select, in the outliner it is “new collection”.

If you want “c” to be something global you might have to change or turn off several other bindings to “c” in several contexts.

Thank you very much for the quick reply!

I tried removing all other references to the given hotkey but it still doesn’t work - it looks correct in the keybind editor but I still have to use the I key.

I wonder if Blender is somehow not allowed to save the settings? Do you know where these settings are stored on disk? I tried setting the entire Blender folder to read/write enabled but it didn’t change anything.

Edit: I tried enabling write access to all Blender-related folders in AppData (Windows 10) - no luck. I don’t think this is the issue actually, no other programs has had any issues.